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Litigation risk represents a significant exposure for trust and agency service providers.  With Metis, Chris Hillcoat’s thirty-five years of professional experience and industry leadership is available to your team.  Bringing his extensive knowledge of municipal, corporate, asset-backed securities and escrow transactions, as well as his strong professional reputation, Chris can work with counsel and clients to clearly present complex concepts of industry custom, practice and understanding.


Expert Witness and Litigation Consulting Qualifications

Credibility and expertise in the capital markets industry

  • Widely recognized as an industry leader
  • Experience with municipal, Trust Indenture Act ("TIA"), and asset-backed securities, corporate escrows and other financial transactions and structures
  • Expertise in prevalent industry custom and practice and the role of the indenture trustee
  • Understanding of laws and regulations governing the corporate trust industry
  • Ability to work with attorneys, their clients and other experts
  • Avoid costly judgments or settlements
  • Assist trustees to achieve optimal outcomes exercising remedies on behalf of investors

Litigation Topic Examples

  • Role of the indenture trustee or trustee under a pooling and servicing agreement
  • Role of the corporate escrow agent
  • Corporate trust industry custom and practice
  • Breach of fiduciary duty
  • Breach of contract
  • Negligence
  • Securities fraud
  • Securitization structure and participant roles
  • Understanding and enforcement of contractual remedies
  • Industry practice regarding policies and procedures
  • Business acceptance practices 
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