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Metis was established to provide efficient, expert solutions to businesses in the corporate and institutional trust services sector. In addition, working with law firms, Metis assists litigants better understand industry custom and practice in matters involving the role of the corporate trustee or commercial escrow agent.  Services include strategic process design, change management, staff training, leadership development, expert witness and litigation consulting. Specialty services can be designed to address your unique needs. 

Our Goals

  • To provide professional counsel to clients to promote corporate trust industry best practices
  • To help clients maximize their profitability using an integrated "strategic process"
  • To impartially render opinions on industry custom, practice and understanding in complex litigation

Metis Solutions LLC offers the benefit of over three decades of corporate and institutional trust experience.   Law firms look to Metis for expert witness and litigation consulting services regarding complex indenture trustee and corporate escrow matters.  With a toolbox of recognized and proven solutions, Metis works with banks to analyze markets, train staff, implement best practices, control risk, manage expenses, and increase overall profitability.  Whether looking to fix a problem or to grow a thriving business, Metis can deliver the necessary expertise. 

Metis Solutions LLC
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